Sunday, December 1, 2013

What You Eat Over the Holidays Could Affect Your Teeth and Gums

The holidays can be tempting, especially if you are watching your figure, but some of those foods that you are enjoying because you believe they are better for your waistline, could actually cause serious problems for your teeth and gums.

Your San Diego Dentist, Dr. David Kitchen, will tell you that dried fruit platter you got from your co-worker at your annual company Christmas party is a poorer choice than the box of dark chocolates that your great Aunt Zelma sent you from Austria. In fact, recent research as shown that dark chocolate is much better for your teeth and gums than chewy or hard candy, and that dried fruit basket. If you must indulge, remember to rinse your mouth as soon as possible. Dried apricots, prunes, figs and pineapple are loaded with sugar and are incredibly sticky getting caught in-between your teeth and the crevices in your molars.  

Eating sugary foods and drinking sodas and other beverages that are loaded with sugar, like fruit juice, causes the bacteria that naturally occur in your mouth to turn to acid, and turn your regular check up with your Dentist in La Jolla into a cavity filling session. These by-products can wear down the enamel making your teeth weak and susceptible to cavities. Worse yet, these same acids can lead to gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Sometimes snacking on sweets at holiday parties is hard to resist, and now that you understand how bad it is for your waistline and your teeth and gums, maybe you can resist the temptation and snack on healthier foods like celery, carrots, apples and other fresh fruits and veggies. Celery is one of the best snacks to enjoy as it actually acts like a dental floss of sorts getting rid of debris and food particles while you chew.

Of course, if you must indulge in your sweet tooth, your 92037 Dentist advises you to remember good oral hygiene. If you can, carry a toothbrush and some floss with you and head to the restroom every time you snack on something that could hurt the enamel on your teeth.

Other tips provided by your Dentist in LaJolla include rinsing your mouth after drinking wine or eating highly acidic foods before you brush your teeth as the acids will begin to erode the enamel on your teeth.

When it comes to the holidays everyone wants to enjoy themselves, but not at the cost of a healthy body or a healthy smile. This year, watch what you eat and drink, and do not forget to schedule a checkup with your La Jolla Dentist, Dr. David Kitchen.