Friday, November 1, 2013

Crown Lengthening Could Be What You Need

According to your La Jolla Dentist, Dr. David Kitchen, Crown Lengthening is a dental procedure that is used to expose more tooth structure. Crown Lengthening can actually restore the tooth prosthetically by surgically incising the tissue that surrounds the tooth. Your Dentist in San Diego will temporarily displace your soft tissue and continue the treatment by removing some of the height of the bone from the tooth or teeth that your La Jolla Dentist is working on.

Your 92037 Dentist will usually perform Crown Lengthening for one or two reasons being either restorative or cosmetic. By lengthening the crown your smile can be dramatically improved as it eliminates that less than attractive gummy look that you may experience when you smile. When you schedule an appointment with your dentist, he will determine if indeed you need Crown Lengthening for restoration, which is usually performed if you have a broken tooth near your gum line, or if tooth decay has occurred on the surface of the root of your tooth. Unfortunately, bridges and crowns will not attach near the bone, and that is where crown lengthening comes in. Exposing the gum line with Crown Lengthening allows your Dr. Kitchen to expose more of your tooth or teeth so that he can restore them back to their original luster.  

When Dr. Kitchen performs his Crown Lengthening procedure, he reshapes the bone and gum around the area that needs to be treated allowing more of the natural tooth to be exposed. If Crown Lengthening is being used for cosmetic dentistry your San Diego Dentist may treat one tooth to give your smile an even appearance, or he may choose to give you an entire new smile line.

If your La Jolla Dentist determines that the only way to save your tooth is with Crown Lengthening he will restore the area around the defected tooth or teeth that needs to be treated.

Schedule an appointment today with your dentist if you want to get rid of your gummy smile, or if you have recently broken a tooth down to the bone. Dr. Kitchen will be able to give you a thorough examination in order to determine if you are a good candidate for Crown Lengthening.