Sunday, September 1, 2013

Put Your Fears Aside With the Pain Free Dentist in La Jolla

Not all Dentists in the San Diego area are the same, and if you have become dissatisfied with your La Jolla Dentist, it could be time to schedule an appointment with Dr. David Kitchen. With over 25 years of practicing experience in the San Diego area, the best 92037 Dentist will provide you with individualized attention using the highest quality dental products and the latest techniques in dentistry. Not one to rest on his laurels, Dr. Kitchen is continually keeping up with the most advanced technologies by continuing his dental education.

Your La Jolla Dentist understands that over fifty percent of Americans are afraid to visit the dentist. Dr. Kitchen and his La Jolla Dental Staff go beyond the call of duty providing you with amenities such as cozy neck pillows, scented hand lotions, warm body blankets, and aromatherapy. Your Dentist in San Diego can even offer you relaxation gas, fresh brewed coffee and stereo headphones. Other amenities include soothing lip balm, bottled water, an iPod, a changing station, and valet parking.

Overcoming your fear of the dentist is easy when you visit the best 92037 Dentist. If you still cannot quite overcome your stress, your La Jolla Dentist can offer you sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is especially helpful if you have sensitive gums and teeth and a real fear of going to the dentist.

Unfortunately, some people are immune to traditional anesthetics and numbing techniques, and that is where your San Diego Dentist comes in. 

Before your appointment, Dr. Kitchen will write you a prescription and ask that you take a pill one hour before your scheduled appointment. Make sure that you have a driver to take you to and from your dentists office in San Diego.

Once you sit in the dentists chair, you will be under just enough to be unaware of what is going on in your mouth. It is almost as if you are asleep. During the appointment, your Dentist in LaJolla can perform numerous dental procedures in one visit.

After your treatment under conscious sedation with your San Diego Dentist you will feel very relaxed and have little if any memory of the dental procedures performed by Dr. Kitchen

If you have a fear and loathing of your La Jolla Dentist schedule an appointment with Dr. David Kitchen today. There really is no reason to put it off any longer thanks to La Jolla Teeth.