Thursday, August 15, 2013

Your La Jolla Dentist may recommend a Crown

LaJolla Dentist Dr. David Kitchen will tell you that a crown covers a tooth in order to restore it back to its original shape and size. Your San Diego Dentist will strengthen and improve the appearance of your tooth with caps or crowns, which are also referred to as restorations.

When you schedule an appointment with a Dentist in the 92037 area, Dr. David Kitchen will give you a thorough examination in order to determine if a crown or crowns are necessary. If your teeth are not able to hold a filling and a tooth is broken down, you may need to have your teeth prepared for crowns.

According to Web MD, crowns are generally used when you do not have enough teeth to support a larger filling. Crowns can also be used to protect a weak tooth from fracturing or if your Dentist in La Jolla is unable to attach a bridge. You may also need crowns to restore fractured, discolored, or badly shaped teeth.

When your Dentist in La Jolla prepares your tooth, he will reduce it in order to fit the crown over the top. Dr. Kitchen will make an impression of your gums and teeth so that he can send it to the lab for a crown fabrication. In some cases, your 92037 Dentist may provide you with a temporary crown until your permanent crown is ready to be fitted. During your next visit to your La Jolla Dentist, Dr. Kitchen will take out the temporary crown before cementing your permanent crown onto your tooth.

Because crowns require more removal of your tooth, they are generally used for teeth that have significant loss or used to replace missing teeth. Your dentist can use crowns over dental implants and natural teeth.

Your La Jolla Dentist will be able to fit you with a crown that looks natural. Dr. Kitchen will take into consideration the color, shape, bite, and length of the natural tooth. Because Dr. Kitchen specializes in cosmetic dentistry in La Jolla, he will be able to make your teeth stronger and more attractive. 

Crowns can usually last up to eight years, but with the right oral hygiene, your crowns in San Diego could last much longer. 

To prevent crown damage your 92037 Dentist recommends that you avoid chewing on hard objects, food, and ice. Make sure that you visit your dentist on a regular basis, brush twice and floss once a day.

If you think you may need a crown, schedule an appointment with the best Dentist in La Jolla today, Dr. David Kitchen.